User-Friendly Kaafal Mobile App

Supports All Operating Systems And iOS/Android Devices

In-App Check-In/Out

Allow your security Kaafals to check-in/out right from their smart-phone using the Kaafalso mobile app from the client site.

Submit Reports Online

Kaafals can easily submit multiple reports online using their mobile device. Reports become readily available through Kaafalso Live Dashboard and client portal.


Assign tasks to your on-field security teams to increase their productivity and accountability. Kaafals can easily access their assigned tasks on their mobile devices.

The Benefits Of Kaafal At A Glance

Drive efficiency while integrating field and back-office operations to improve your bottom line.

Address Accountability

Address the accountability of each one of your guards with Guardso. Find out which guard is checked in at which site, if the guard is performing the right tasks and conducting tours regularly, submitting reports on time, and much more.

Simplify Reporting

Guardso allows the guards to submit multiple reports from their post sites via the mobile app. Get automatic notifications on the dashboard when your officers submit their reports, easily review, and approve reports to share them with your clients.

Deliver Quality

Truly improve the quality of service you provide to your clients with Guardso. Make effective decisions based on quality data to address accountability and significantly improve the way your guards do their job.

Stay Organized

Guardso helps you stay organized by systematizing all the important data in one place and making it available to your entire staff when needed. Guardso stores all your data on the cloud and makes it readily available in a secure and easy way.


Subscription plan

Just some clicks away from the best guard tour management experience!



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  • Incident Reporting
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Geolocation, Scheduling
  • Phone Support
  • Onsite Implementation Support
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