Address Accountability

Address the accountability of each one of your guards with Guardso. Find out which guard is checked in at which site, if the guard is performing the right tasks and conducting tours regularly, submitting reports on time, and much more.

Simplify Reporting

Guardso allows the guards to submit multiple reports from their post sites via the mobile app. Get automatic notifications on the dashboard when your officers submit their reports, easily review, and approve reports to share them with your clients.

Deliver Quality

Truly improve the quality of service you provide to your clients with Guardso. Make effective decisions based on quality data to address accountability and significantly improve the way your guards do their job.

Stay Organized

Guardso helps you stay organized by systematizing all the important data in one place and making it available to your entire staff when needed. Guardso stores all your data on the cloud and makes it readily available in a secure and easy way.

Improve Performance

Communicate schedules, assign tasks and collect reports in real-time. Guardso is built to improve the performance of your security guards, a security management solution that can truly make a big difference to your security guard’s performance.

Client Satisfaction

Experience elevated client’s satisfaction with Guardso and retain them for longer periods of time. Allow clients to access reports online and other important information on the go with our guard monitoring system.

Streamlined Operations

Guardso takes the hassle out of your security patrol operations by improving the way data is channeled throughout your company and enhances the flow of communication between on-site guards, your staff, and clients for optimized performance.

Ensured Compliance

Ensure compliance by sharing your company policies with your security guards. Share post order, tasks, notes concerning post sites with your guards so they have the access to the accurate information when they need it.

Reduced Liability

Make the right information available to your guards on the site with Guardso. Share the clearly defined post orders stating what guards needs to do on-site. By relaying the right information in post orders you can reduce the liability on your part.

Collaborate Easier

With multiple user access, your entire staff can access information from multiple devices. You can define the role of each user to give them limited access to the features of Guardso to make collaborating with your staff easier.

Increased Productivity

Guardso helps clearly define the tasks for your guards to increase their productivity on the client site. With features like online reporting, site tours, tasks your company benefits significantly from using Guardso.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide high-quality customer service to your clients. Your entire staff can interact with customers using the accurate data that is readily available. Guardso makes it easier for you to share the right piece of information with the clients.

Incident Management

Get detailed insights into the daily incidents on-site with daily incident reports. Pre-analyzed charts help you understand the level of threat at individual sites so that you can assess your security needs.

Guard Safety

With Guardso' GPS Tour Monitoring system, easily verify remote posts with photos, timestamping, and GPS tracking reports. In case of disruptions, external help can be summoned to the exact location cutting down the need for assumptions.

Paperless Management

Guardso automates your business and replaces the need for time-sheets and paper reports sent to the client, so you can reduce the use of paper in the business and make your contribution to the environment by turning into a paperless business.

Actionable Insights

Get actionable insights from the client sites with the reports submitted by the guards. Use the data to incorporate data-driven decision making into your private patrol operations to drive accountability and profitability.

Automate Tasks

Easily manage Guardso in-house to reduce administrative work. Enjoy automated tasks and processes with shift-templates and the scheduling module. All features are built to help you optimize your private patrol operations.