What is Kaafal

KAAFAL is a modern real-time solution using all the latest technologies to streamline and optimize organizations’ guard tour activities. It is a sophisticated, yet user friendly application that guarantees

  • The Modern Way Of Security.
  • Patrol Monitoring Updates In Your Pocket.
  • Your Security Is Now Our Concern.
  • Track Updates, Make Schedules

As the security industry is evolving fast with technology playing a larger role in security solutions – the security personnel also need to become comfortable with the various types of technology solutions and their usage, monitoring, tracking, reporting etc."


Virtual Checkpoints & QR

“Get On-Site Scanning Checkpoints For Easy Tracking”

Get QR codes or virtual checkpoints on the site of duty for the monitoring activity. The guards should scan these codes to provide their real-time updates or use them for the incident reporting process. Send immediate messages, alerts, and checking timings using these checkpoints.


Incident Reporting:

“Get Real-Time Incident Reporting For Enhanced Safety.”

Access real time updates with the KAAFAL incident reporting feature to get the incident data in various integral formats (images, voice, videos, and detailed messages). Incidents/ accidents are crucial for the overall monitoring system as it may be associated with increased productivity and avoiding delays. With the time-sensitive data to be securely transferred over the channel, our product helps you establish a quick investigation process & further risk assessments.


Tour Tracking:

“Track Your Guard’s Full-Day Activity From Your Home”

Have an eye over the activities of your guard/ employees with real-time attendance support. Manage your internal workflow with hassle-free monitoring of your guard’s duty time, which is automatically registered in the servers. Focus on more important things as we do the tracking work for you.

Schedule Activity

“Scheduling Your Guard’s Full-Day Activity At Your Fingertips”

Create a checklist schedule to be followed by your guard for the rest of the day. It helps you in establishing tight control over the patrol monitoring activities for your company. While the competition for each activity, a real-time update is sent to you. This way, you make the best out of your available resources while saving your time.


Timekeeping & Attendance

“Automatically Saves All The Check-in And Check-out Time For Your Convenience.”

Check all the check-in and check out time of your guards/ employees and control your budget. You can easily calculate the salaries according to the check in/ out time of your guards. The times are automatically maintained when your guards scan the QR codes from their device, making it an authentic and efficient process.

Affordable Monthly Plan:

Get a dedicated guards tour monitoring system for as low as ₹ 30 per month equipped with all the advanced tracking and protection features. Save big on your budget by maintaining a healthy security system in your organization with quick real-time updates and data transfer.