"As the security industry is evolving fast with technology playing a larger role in security solutions – the security personnel also need to become comfortable with the various types of technology solutions and their usage, monitoring, tracking, reporting etc."

  • What do we mean by Guard Tour Control System?
  • Guard Tour Control System is a monitoring system that makes sure that your assets are protected and toured in a pre-defined way. It is a completely digital system that helps big firms and companies streamline their guard patrolling services so that you may organise, check logs and execute perfect guard tours/ patrols. It helps your organise and maintain your assets for the long run.

  • How efficient is the Guard Tour Patrol Control System?
  • Guard Tour Patrol Control systems are efficient and streamlined with your company's security system's main functioning. These systems are used predominantly by major companies to secure and track their patrolling resources.

  • Which industries are using the GPCS?
  • Since GPCS ensures a more protected and streamlined way of managing your security resources along with assets, these systems are used by many industrial companies. Some of the major industries of its working are given below